Týr Tour – Súðuroy


PRICE: 2500 kr. per person



  • Return Ferry Tickets
    (subject to ferry schedules and local weather conditions)
  • Accompanied, Guided Tour and Transport
  • Packed Lunch
  • Entrance fee to Coal Mine

Take the 07:00 ferry to the southern-most island of Súðuroy. On the way, we will regale stories of the two Viking legends Tróndur and Sigmund and their ongoing and bloody battle to control the Faroe Islands.

On arrival in Suðuroy, we will drive from the ferry port towards Froðba, said to be the oldest village in Súðuroy, taking in the unique columnal basalt cliffs. Then from Tvøroyri we will take you on a guided hike to Hvannhagi and Hvanndal. A place known for it’s spectacular beauty and a real hidden gem, easily accessible, so make sure to explore this secret before the crowd discovers it!

On the way back we will walk up through a gorge, where you will witness the phenomenon of the legendary, illusive, grey people of the Faroes who got caught out in the sun and had their expressions frozen in the cliff rocks

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Týr God – Norse God of War and Justice

Tour Details

We will take you on a tour of Suðuroy, probably the most beautiful island from the road.

We will visit most of the villages and make time to relax and eat a packed lunch in Famjin.

Afterwards we will drive up to the northern tip of the island and tell the end of the Faroese saga history, as this was the scene for one of the main events.

We will stop in Hvalba on our way back to the ferry, where we will visit the ancient coal mines, in operation from the 1770’s.
We will also regale the story of how three ships filled with pirates landed and ravaged the village of Hvalba.

We will then take the ferry back to Tórshavn, leaving you to reflect on a great day and a memorable tour!