Exclusive Souvenir!

Heimdal Tours has collaborated with the world leading manufacturer of collectable miniature cottages..

Lilliput Lane

...to bring you these exclusive Faroe Islands souvenirs for you to purchase as a permanent reminder of your visit.

Lilliput Lane is known worldwide for its miniature cottages, made famous for their fine detail, unmatched quality and authenticity. From chocolate box cottages to homes of the famous and buildings of historical importance. Each and every miniature is completely hand crafted by skilled artists. The cottages are based on real buildings and many collectors enjoy touring the country in search of the actual houses. Every tile, slate and flower is individually applied by hand to build up the different textures and detail. Every skilled painter has to match each of the models they paint to the master version to ensure that each item is consistent.

Each cottage comes with a Title Deed with a brief history of the building and certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.


The Iconic Faroese Grass-Roofed Cottage and Historic Prime Minister's residence are only available exclusively from Heimdal Tours, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

We can ship worldwide!


490 DKK


490 DKK