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Join us and release your inner Viking

Breathtaking and mythical landscape


As well as being voted the #1 favourite travel destination by National Geographic readers, the Faroe Islands are truly one of the few remaining last frontiers, sitting at the top of the world, breathing the freshest of air and looking down on the hustle, bustle and occasional sheer madness of the rest of the world below with a wry and sometimes, self-satisfied smile.

The scenery that makes up the 18 islands is well documented and spectacular, deserving of it's comparisons to a Tolkien landscape, the Lilliput of Gulliver's Travels and the land that the Gods chose to be the weather's playground.

"release your inner Viking!"

We help you discover the real heartbeat of the Faroe Islands. Join us today and release your inner Viking!


Heimdal Tours offer bespoke, tailor made tour packages for the discerning traveler. Our expertise is based on an intimate knowledge of the Faroe Islands and a passion for customer satisfaction and professional care.

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Freyja Tour

3 day introduction tour designed to seduce you into coming back for more! Sailing excursion with lunch on board the beautiful Enniway sailing vessel along with a beautiful walking tour of Tórshavn city...
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Einherjar Tour

7 day tour to discover the beauty and the myths of the Faroe Islands! Guided walk and road tour in Suðuroy. Guided tour and ferry to the Island of Mykines...
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Baldur Tour

We will regale you with tales of ancient Viking customs and intriguing, sometimes gruesome ways in which Viking disagreements were settled. After the tour...
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Týr Tour

We will take you on a tour of Suðuroy, probably the most beautiful island from the road. We will visit most of the villages and make time to relax and eat a packed lunch in Famjin. Afterwards we will drive...
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Myth and Magic

Join us on our mythical tours. We will visit all of the mythical and magical places in the Faroe Islands. Myth and Magic is a big part of our history. Mystical creatures, grey hill people and ghosts are just some of the strange phenomena we might encounter on these trips.
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Footsteps of the Vikings

15 minute minibus ride to the start of our walking tour, past Mannafelsdalur, the site of a bloody Viking battle 700 years ago where mounds of grass still grow with a red hue, said to be the blood of the slain Viking rebels, while in the distance...
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Mykines Island Retreat

Mykines, long believed to be the Island referred to as “Paradise of Birds!” by the hardy Irish seafaring monk, St.Brendan in the 6th century during his sea-faring adventure in the North Atlantic.
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Sailing in the Faroes

We have a vide variety of trips to offer, sailing around the Faroe Islands on board Enniway. Designed by a French sailboat designer, Enniway has both good sailing qualities and beauty.